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CGB-Ceramic Grinding Balls have rolled their way these years into the acknowledgement and acceptance of Cement industry,from China to the world, thanks to a host of advantages as compared with steel grinding balls in cement ball mills.Except for environment friendly, standing out of all advantages is power saving which may help cement plant to gain up to 10-20% kw/TPH.The application of CGB in ball mills enable many cement plants to realize the energy management target which previously might be only possible through vertical mill grinding technology.

However,due to various reasons, a bunch of negative news about disastrous result of applying CGB to ball mill system once travelled to every corner.The major feedback concentrated on a huge drop of feed rate due to broken CGB that blind the central or outlet diaphragm, or the blaine witness unacceptable reduction comparing with steel grinding media application.

There're 2 reasons that are to blame for above issues.Firstly,the quality of CGB. As a newcomer grinding media to cement industry,without discerning eyes or attaching too much importance on low price may mislead the user to choose the wrong one.Secondly, some cement ball mill veterans took it for granted that to substitute steel grinding media with CGB is but a snap based on their decades experience.They used the uniform scheme as steel balls for loading and run the ball mills without any technical modification. This,unfortunately,often bring about big frustration.Instead of gaining power saving, feed rate reduction of 10-40% are seen often,and the unit energy consumption rate soar to the sky……Therefore, to apply CGB in the ball mill system,it takes rich experience and in-depth insight to the characteristics of CGB.WE boasts our team of 4 years experience in introducing CGB into Chinese cement industry.we initiated the first ball mill ( ф3.2M*13M ball mill in Shandong Shengli Cement in 2015 )to test CGB as grinding media for blast furnace slag,and went through countless failure and setback.Today, we have a specialist team consisting of top experts in china for ball mill system,and senior technical engineers with decade years experience for alumina based products application.We provide consultancy and solutions to cement plants who are interested in our innovative technology and products to help them optimize their ball mill system.

Saving energy connect us,world and future.