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L-NIB - Low-dimentional Nano Insulation Board

The L-NIB is a new type of thermal insulation material developed and produced by our company on the basis of aerospace material technology, with special treatment and mixing of nano scale siliceous material and TNR series auxiliary materials.

The L-NIB has the advantages of high refractoriness, low thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, easy construction and high cost performance.

Watch video to learn more about L-NIB

It is mainly used in the industries such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, home appliances etc. It signifies a new domestic revolution in the thermal insulation field.


Huaxin Cement (Wuxue) Co., Ltd. adopted our L-NIB and traditional calcium silicate board for left and right doors respectively


After two months, it demonstrates from the pictures that the paint on the left door using L-NIB is intact, while the paint on the right door using traditional calcium silicate board had burnt and ruined. Through measurement (the measured positions are shown in the picture), it is found that the temperature of the left door is 102°C, while the temperature of the right door is 153°C, demonstrating an remarkable difference in performance.