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Ceramic Dip Tube

Raw material: Silicon-carbide Advantages:

Remarkable perofrmance in abrasion & corrosion resistance and high strength in high temperature

Ceramic design which avoids clogging of the inlet chamber caused by brokage of the dib tube

Ceramic inner dip tube shape

Structure: Bar-type Advantages:

• Easy installation and maintenance due to the light weight of ceramics and bar-type shape

• It is more safety for assembly


Ceramic dip tube Other benefits:

• Service life : 2-3 times of traditional HR steel dip tube

• Lower replacement frequency: it would be reduced that result in maintenance cost drop further,and safety status improved.

• Premium integrity: higher efficiency in separation and thermal exchange between metal and gas, which greatly reduce the heat consumption

• Environmental friendly: completely chrome free

Ceramic Dip Tube(图1)