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Case study of Topnewer ceramic diptube replacement.

2020-10-22 14:26:56

As the working environment in the preheater for HRCS diptubes is not friendly ( high temperature, alkali & sulfur vapor, intense scour of the materials), the shortcoming becomes outstanding. Especially for HRCS diptubes in stage 4&5, their service life are quite short. Around merely 1 year service on average as compared with the high cost make it a big burden to cement plant operation.

Ceramic diptube

To tackle those shortcomings inherent to HRCS diptubes, we are introducing a new product-Ceramic diptube,which feature high strength,high wear resistance,high temperature resistance, high erosion resistance,high anti-thermal shock performance, high heat conductivity,premium antioxidation performance etc.

Comparison of HRCS and Ceramic diptube

The advantage of ceramic diptube

(1) It prolongs the the preheater cyclone service life,and reduce the production cost.

(2) Modular design is adopted.It aims at preventing the preheater from clogging and block due to diptube fall. When damage is found,the substitution of the broken tube and new tube is quite easy,which is a guaranty to the high productivity.

(3) As the ceramic dip tubes are light in weight, which is only 40% of HRCS counterpart, the mounting and assembly become easy.There’s no need for any special lifting and handling facility. Hence it’s friendly to the workers and the regular maintenance.

(4) It is adaptable to cyclones of various dimensions.Therefore,it applies to new

cyclone,and revamping of existing preheater.

(5)There’re gaps between ceramic dip tubes after assembly. As the preheater system

run,those gaps would be filled by raw meal fine powder,which may take around 15 days. The performance of separation and heat exchange after that will match the HR dip tube design. Less heat loss,less energy consumption.

(6) The emission of dust is alleviated,environmental friendly.