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  • Bestway Kallar Kahar request CGB proposal.

    After our two successful cases of CGB project in Bestway Cement Ltd’s Chakwal in 2018 and 2019, which helped their cement ball mill No. 2 and No. 3 achieved power saving of 3.16KWH/T and 3.31KWH/T acc

  • Cementos Avellaneda request CGB proposal.

    On Feb 9th, we received Email from Mr.Louis Montilla of Cementos Avellaneda saying that our article published in Dece issue of International Cement Review introducing how our CGB technology helped cem

  • CGB-Lab test ( As grinding media for Fly ash )

    As CGB technology has increasingly caught the eyes of the global cement industry thanks to its remarkable performance in power saving,we’d like to share the lab test a couple years ago ( 2016 ) in Chi

  • Case study of ceramic diptube replacement.

    In order to resolve all issues of the HRCS diptubes, after repeated study and investigation, XX cement plant made up mind to introduce ceramic diptube design.In Oct 2008, replacement was implemented o

  • Case study of Topnewer ceramic diptube replacement.

    As the working environment in the preheater for HRCS diptubes is not friendly ( high temperature, alkali & sulfur vapor, intense scour of the materials), the shortcoming becomes outstanding. Espec