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  • Weakness of traditional HRCS diptube.

    Suspension PreheaterCyclones play important role in preheater.It was invented since 1880s. Since then, it has expanded function from separation and collection to classification. As the weight of gas-l

  • Topnewer energy-saving solution of Fan system

    In China,the power consumption in fan system account for 40% the overall cement plant electricity cost. Against certain design flaws in traditional fan system, a series of technical upgrading solution

  • Case study 2-Yishui Shanshui Cement

    Time: June,2018Client: Yishui Shanshui Cement,China VRM: Raw meal grindingCase study 2-Yishui Shanshui Cement1.Higher hourly output of raw meal mill: Before the retrofit, in 2018, the average hourly o

  • Our VRM air-seal feeding solution

    After years of research and experiments, this air sealed equipment solution has been justified by over 300 units around china in various of cement plants vertic roller mills. This solution has complet

  • Traditional VRM Feeding System

    Grinding is one of the critical processes in cement production. Vertical roller mills (VRM) nowadays play an important part thanks to higher efficiency and more power saving performance compared to tr